Have you ever had a messy break-up? Do you have any enemies or bitter ex’s? If you’re on this page, the answer is probably yes. In the midst of all the emotions, your now ex-lover may have posted some rude or untrue information about you on the internet.

Cheater and revenge websites consist wholly or primarily of user-generated content and this is where your ex-lover may post this type of content. These websites carry all types of information, some of which is completely untrue. If you end up on these types of websites, they can cause some serious harm to your reputation. Listed below are some ways you can get this type of unwanted content removed.

What Are Cheater and Revenger Websites?

Cheater or revenge websites are sites dedicated to calling people out; the website’s sole intention is for people to anonymously post other people to ruin their reputation or expose people for various indiscretions.

On these websites people names, pictures, videos, and other personal information can be found if posted by someone. Users of these websites can also participate in polls, posts, and forums to discuss the issue with one another.

There are hundreds of cheater websites online. Shesahomewrecker is a website where people expose other people who destroyed their relationship and the area they live in. The website features Instagram like posts where users post pictures along with their name and the story.

badboyreport.kr is self-explanatory. The website allows users to report men that have commit infidelity. Different from shesahomewrecker, some reports in badboyreport come from the third-party or the mistress. The website is much more simpler, with no pictures. Badboyreport users give out their names and personal information, such as social media or phone numbers. Urexposedonline is a website specifically to expose people in any manner possible. The website has categorized pages for different offenses. One of the categories is cheaters. Urexposed online has one rule, absolutely no pictures, but aside from that, users can go all out on the description and name.

Some people take a different route and expose cheaters on social media. Facebook is a familiar platform people use to expose cheaters or home wreckers. Some users opt to post on their wall, while others have joined forums dedicated to exposing cheaters. Cheaters Exposed is a Facebook forum where people can submit their stories through a personal message, and the forum’s owner will post the information anonymously. Other social media such as Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat are also commonly used to expose cheaters, but these platforms do not involve anonymity.

The worse part of cheaters or revenge websites is that when your name is put online, it may be complicated to take it down.

Examples of Cheater and Revenge Websites

Are Cheater and Revenge Websites Legal?

Yes. Section 230 of the Communication and Decency Act protects most cheater and revenge websites. Section 230 provides immunity to providers and users of websites that publish information provided by others. Many of the websites also offer an option for individuals to post anonymously – so tracking down the individual who is posting personal information about you may be tough to figure out.

Resources to Help Deleted Unwanted Content

If you find there is slander about you on the internet, no need to panic, there are ways to get it removed.

Contact the Poster (Not Recommended)

This first method may be the hardest and most dangerous. We typically advise clients against this avenue because of the potential repercussions involved.  Sometimes people post spiteful things on the internet just to vent, especially if they think you’ll never see it. By contacting them and trying to talk out any issues first could save you some money and time.  However, there are serious issues with contacting the poster directly.

Issues with Contacting the Poster Directly:

  • Reaching out to your ex-partner can either go pretty decently or turn extremely sour depending on how you approach the situation.
  • The other issue is that the poster may be anonymous.  Therefore, you may not be able to prove that the individual who provided the website with the information is who you think it is (although sometimes it may be obvious given the details provided in the post.)

Take a minute and try to reach out with a cool and calm head. While the person may not be eager to remove the content, it may work if you explain just how detrimental the post can be – although they probably already know this and that is why they decided to post it in the first place. If contacting the poster does not work, DO NOT push the situation or individual person. This may cause them to retaliate with additional posts and even worse content on additional platforms and/or profiles.

Contact the Owners of the Website (Not Recommended)

This second method also involves taking a risk.  While some of these sites outline policies and guidelines to request removal, many do not.  Furthermore,

Issues with Contacting the Owner of the Website

  • Some sites offer to remove the information if you agree to pay them.  Not only does this feel like extortion, there is no guarantee that the website will remove the information after you have paid their fee.
  • A lot of these sites scrape the internet for cheater and revenge posts to repost, causing you to have to track down your information across multiple web domains and forcing you to have pay or request the removal of many different posts across many different owners.

Some sites, like BadBoyReport.com, have a Removal Policy page where they explain their qualifications for the removal of a post and what to do if you don’t qualify. CheaterReport.com has a section on their website where you can get in contact with a support member.  Maybe the content someone posted online isn’t true or your ex-lover posted private photos of you.  The support member may be able to take it down depending on the circumstances. Make sure you do your research on their policies and community guidelines before reaching out! While some websites may feel sympathy for the situation, others may not because they have set policies in place. CheaterReport.com has several policies listed, explaining what kind of content can be removed from the site.

Hire a Reputation Management Company (Recommended)

An almost guaranteed way to get something about you removed off a cheater or revenge website is to contact a reputation management company or attorney. It may cost you money now, but it could save you a lot later.

When employers, acquaintances, and parents and teachers from your child’s school look you up online, they will most likely see the links to these slanderous websites and the statements made about you.. This could cost you a job or your good name.

Speak with a Reputation Management & Removal Advisor Today

Since these types of websites can seriously harm your reputation or brand.  For many individuals who find their personal information on these sites, speaking with an online reputation management and removal professional may be your best option.

While it may come at a cost, it allows you the knowledge, experience, and professionalism that you may need in order to salvage your online reputation. Having someone handle the whole situation may also help you to avoid the stress and anxiety involved in the removal process.

Your online reputation is your reputation….

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