What do you see when you search your name online?

What about when you search the name of your business or brand?

Are the results positive?

Good reviews, favorable news articles…popular advertisements?  Or is the first page of your Google search littered with news of a scandal, negative reviews, or obviously incorrect information?

Google sees an untrustworthy company and is less likely to point viewers your way.  But if you have a POSITIVE reputation, Google starts to place you higher up in their rankings.  When a searcher is looking for similarly relevant content, Google is now MORE likely to point them your way.  This feeds upon itself, with your site getting more clicks, more views, more leads, more sales.

At Reputation Changer, we help you build this momentum and look better online.

We improve your search results by

  • Protecting Your Brands Search Results
  • Making Positive Content Rank Higher
  • Removing Negative Search Results

Improving your brand’s search results begins with removing negative content.   At Reputation Changer, we employ various effective strategies to get this done.

Removing content at the source-

When you employ the services of Reputation Changer, we can sometimes remove negative content right from the source website. This can happen if it is determined that that content violated the terms of service.

Direct removal from search engines-

De-indexing is the removal of content from Google or other search engines.  De-indexing is possible if the content violates search engine rules, is copyrighted, or is otherwise legally protected.  Our legal experts at Reputation Changer can determine what content is able to be de-indexed from search engines for you.

Negotiation with the publisher-

Reputation Changer can also sometimes negotiate with web publishers to get online content removed.  We will pursue every opportunity to work directly with these website publishers to remove negative content related to your brand.

Publish new positive content-

The most dramatic way to improve your search engine results is to publish new positive content that highlights favorable information about your brand.  This way, Reputation Changer can sink the negative content until it’s practically invisible.  (Invisible in our digital age means on the third or fourth page of a Google search.)

We offer content writing services to establish your online voice.  This can include:

  • blogging on your behalf to promote positive comments about you or your business;
  • developing articles about you to strategically place on industry-relevant websites; and
  • using search engine optimization to ensure that your sites and profiles are at the top of search results.

Improve online reviews-

Improving online reviews can be one of the quickest ways to see your online reputation improve. In just a few weeks, ratings can go up. And within months, one-star reviews can be pushed down, replaced by a multitude of three and four-star reviews.

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