Who We Serve

At Reputation Changer, we take pride in our ability to serve a diverse range of clients, from individuals to small businesses to CEOs and large companies.  No matter your unique needs and situation, we’ve got you covered.


Whether you are a professional, a public figure or just someone who wants to protect their image online, Reputation Changer will help you control your narrative. By monitoring and curating which information, videos, and photos of you appear on the web, Reputation Changer allows you to be in control.

And most importantly, we can bury any negative information you DON’T want to be seen.  Our team of experts knows how to banish inaccurate data, misleading information, and all-around harmful content regarding you from the web.

We can also stop people-search sites from selling your private information to scammers and hackers.

Small Businesses

When a prospective customer researches your business online, those results quickly determine if that person will spend their money with you or someone else. So it’s crucial to put your best foot forward when it comes to your business’ online image.

Reputation Changer will help ensure that your business appears at the top of your potential customer’s Google Search with positive content. We’ll also recruit your happy customers to endorse your company with favorable reviews, one of the most critical indicators of a business’ success today.

It’s also critical for small businesses to be found in a “near me” searches. Most consumers today who want to buy from a local company will search for what is closest to them. We will make sure your business is right where it’s supposed to be, “near me.”

Executive and High Profile Individuals

You’re a person who is easily recognized in your field. The image you project online determines your employ-ability and respectability.

By starting early, you can build up the armor needed to handle any public relations crisis when and if it occurs.

If you are already dealing with a PR crisis, Reputation Changer offers crisis management services that will directly address your company’s needs.

We will transform the negative narrative and bring the positive attention back to your brand.

Large Companies

For large corporations, it’s essential that your reputation matches your vision for your brand.

Negative online search results can cost you profits, shareholders, and potential employees and partners.

Our team of lawyers and public relations experts will ensure that the public sees your business exactly as you want it to be seen—as successful, respectable, and trustworthy.

Reputation Changer promotes positive news stories about your brand and pushes adverse reports to the search engine no-man’s-land.

You don’t have to worry about negative news cycles when you have Reputation Changer behind you.