To the public, CEOs and other executives are no longer just mysterious figures behind the scenes of big business.  While in days passed, we likely didn’t know the names of the top executives behind our favorite products and services, today we all know who Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, or even the founder of a famous locally-based corporation is.

It’s clear that in our modern and unforgiving digital climate, executives must manage their public persona well or risk bringing down their business.   Successful CEOs understand that controlling their online narrative is a necessary part of their career.

Why? Because CEOs are now the biggest brand ambassadors for their companies.  Decades ago, the CEO as a celebrity gained momentum with Steve Jobs.  Love him or hate him, Steve Jobs became the face of Apple.  His persona as a genius and innovator helped Apple gain a loyal following.  It was Jobs’ image that created an impression for Apple of a cutting-edge company whose products could revolutionize our lives.

On the other hand, a scandal-ridden public figure like Harvey Weinstein tarnished the reputation of his once respected film brand, Miramax, and those associated with him.

With today’s executives under such intense public scrutiny, keeping your online presence positive and clean is crucial.

How Reputation Changer Can Help

At Reputation Changer, we keep track of your online presence.  We closely guard your image by monitoring your social media persona, reviews of your company and your role in it, and media reports related to you and your brand.

This way, we help YOU take control of the narrative surrounding your digital reputation.

Your Reputation Affects Your Bottom Line

Investors today research a company’s CEO before investing their funds, according to the latest research.  Because of this, C-Suite executives need to be ever aware of what their social media says about them.

A single bad tweet can put your entire company at risk, not to mention your career.  In addition, top-level executives with good online reputations attract more top talent to their companies and help retain the good employees that they already do have.

Consumers too, make purchasing decisions not just based on a company’s products and services but also their leader’s reputation.  How often have you heard today that someone won’t buy from a particular company because of the CEO’s political or social views? It happens a lot.

We’ve got your Reputation Covered

Reputation Changer understands how vital your online reputation is to your career and your company’s success. We will employ our army of experts, from social media professionals to legal experts to writers and public relations associates, to ensure that you are putting your best face forward to the public.

How? We increase your profile as a thought leader in your industry, adding your voice to blogs and spotlighting your vision in news media articles. This new positive content helps push down any harmful content.

While we shine a light on all the good you do, we also monitor your reviews on company review sites to keep good ratings to a maximum.

Let’s face it.  You’re an important person who can’t afford to leave your online reputation to chance.

Take the first step in taking charge of your reputation by calling Reputation Changer.

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