Consumers today make purchasing decisions largely based on a company’s reputation.

In fact, a recent study showed that over 60% of a corporation’s value is attributed to its reputation.  It’s clear then, that businesses across all industries need a good reputation management strategy.

Employing a reputation management service like Reputation Changer, which already has the tools and professionals in place to do reputation management right, will benefit your company’s bottom line.

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At Reputation Changer, we can help your corporation craft a compelling and trustworthy brand image that attracts the consumers you target.  AND that attracts the top-level talent that is hard to come by in today’s competitive hiring climate.

How Reputation Changer Helps Large Companies

Reputation Changer uses a variety of proven strategies to shape the public’s perception of your brand, from media relations and public relations efforts to search engine optimization (SEO) to customer review management.

Our team of experts includes in-house legal professionals, writers, social media experts, and public relations associates.  Each of these qualified professionals works to ensure that your company’s reputation is stellar, from employee reviews to consumer opinion to media coverage.

Customer Reviews

Unhappy customer experiences don’t just cause the loss of one customer.  90% of consumers read online reviews before making a purchase.  In our days of Yelp, Google reviews and others, one disgruntled customer’s review can affect the purchasing decision of thousands.

Thankfully, Reputation Changer will help your company respond effectively to negative reviews, and put methods in place to generate legions of positive ones.

Crisis Management

No company is perfect.  So if a scandal does hit, it’s crucial to have crisis management in place to manage the situation.

With the right reputation management strategy in play, what could be a fatal company-damaging situation, can be transformed into an opportunity to learn, do better, and focus on the good that your corporation brings to it’s arena.

Reputation Changer knows exactly how to manage a corporate public relations crisis.  Our public relations and legal teams will work together to help your company build relationships and foster good will with the media.

Our writers craft news worthy stories that highlight positive company updates.  These new stories reflect your corporation favorably, and push down negative content related to your brand on search engines.

As more and more positive content regarding your company floods the web, the first page of a Google search for your brand reveals rows of good news.  The scandal is pushed far down, effectively erased.

Be Proactive

While Reputation ‘Changer can pull you out of a PR crisis, it’s always smart to have a reputation management strategy in place even before a crisis arises.  The right planning can prevent your brand from succumbing to a costly and damaging scandal.

It is far better to take preventative measures than reactive ones.  At Reputation Changer, we will put a reputation management strategy in place for your brand that is specifically targeted to your company’s needs.

We advise you on how to take the time to listen to and effectively respond to customer and employee feedback, while increasing and advertising your company’s positive contributions to the world.  These methods and more will garner your company the excellent reputation that it deserves.

Elevate your team’s corporate reputation management strategy today.

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