If you’re a small business owner, you know how important your reputation is.  You’ve worked hard to build your brand, and you value what your customers are saying about it.

Because let’s face it, in today’s fast moving digital world, positive online reviews are the new “word of mouth” and the cornerstones of any small business’s success.

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So whether you are a local contractor, have a beauty salon, restaurant, or repair shop, just a few negative reviews can really pack a punch.  Those disgruntled customers’ words might deter hundreds of other potential customers from patronizing your business.

That’s why small business owners today need to diligently monitor their online reviews and comments.  In fact, 93% of consumers say that reviews impact their buying decisions, putting even the best businesses at risk if they garner to many poor reviews.

It’s important to understand that reputation management services aren’t just for the big boys.  Reputation management is just as crucial for the family-owned coffee shop on Main Street as it is for the global automobile manufacturer.

How does Reputation Changer help small businesses?

At Reputation Changer, we help you take control of your small business’ brand image.  And by doing so, you retain current customers while attracting new ones.  We improve your online presence and ensure that your business is getting noticed for all the right reasons.

First, we help you manage negative reviews in the best manner possible. After all, unfavorable reviews are unavoidable in business.  It is how you handle them that counts.  We know that studies show that responding to online reviews, both good and bad, increases a business’s positive ratings.

Addressing reviews quickly, respectfully, and successfully is vital, and our team will help you do just that.

Generating more positive reviews

Reputation Changer will help you successfully request reviews from your customers, thereby increasing the number of positive reviews for your business.

And the more positive reviews, the more likely your enterprise is to show up on that all-important first page of Google.  The first page is where consumers are highly likely to find their next point of purchase.

Search engine optimization

When a prospective customer is searching for a product or service like yours online, you want YOUR business to show up first.  Search engine optimization, or SEO, is all about pushing your content to a google search’s front page.

At Reputation Changer, we maximize your SEO by increasing your positive reviews, local profiles and listings, and ensuring that your business’s website is sparkling and captivating.


Consistent search engine results allow customers to trust your business.  A steady stream of online content that matches the image, products, services and hours of your brand, gives prospective buyers the impression that yours is a valid and successful business, and not a fly by night or faltering operation.

Reputation Changer works to make sure that your business’s reputation is consistent, and that it matches the superior quality of your product and level of customer care.

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